Click on the images for more information on selected examples of my work. 


INteractive Map Display (2017)

An interactive map display concept intended to be place on the Atlanta Beltline that promotes curiosity, art, and a connected community

CULCPal (2016)

A kiosk concept placed in Georgia Tech's study commons that assists students to find an available spot to study or work in a short amount of time

Javam (2015)

A 20-year concept car alleviating usability constraints for an aging world with a focus on loading & unloading

Padma (2013)

Interactive lotus flower worn by a dancer that aims to accent a performance by sensing the dancer's movements

Ryoku (2016)

A unisex sneaker that is easy to pack and carry with you when you travel or are on-the-go

Airport (2015)

Phone application that filters necessary information to navigate through an airport

Additional Projects

Selected sketches, technical drawings, and more in a variety of mediums to show my wide skill set